Luxury Martial Arts comes from the idea of regaining the fun and beauty of the 80s and transferring those unique atmosphere and daily perceptions to new generations.

Just like boxing, the martial arts have always been stereotyped as sports for both “the tough and the poor”. The truth is that there is no sport for the poor and the wealthy, just as there is not one education for the poor and another for the wealthy or different training for the poor and the wealthy.

So why use the word Luxury?

Luxury next to the words Martial Arts serves as a reminder that life itself is a luxury. We cannot know how long we have.

And another luxury is deciding to practice a martial art your whole life.
We have an obligation to live life as the luxury that it is and to set an example each day with a spirit of beauty that must primarily be interior. That is true art.

Martial arts do not teach violence; to the contrary, they educate us to avoid it, they train us in good manners, respect and beauty as we train and live our earthly life.

Life is a luxury where everyone wants to practice the discipline of beauty.